Start your loan anonymously

Aster Key is a mobile app where you can anonymize and update your financial data and documents. It’s like being your own credit agency.

When you are ready, you can securely and instantly apply for a mortgage or home equity loan. Never fill out an unsafe loan application again!


“Aster Key is a game changer, having all the consumer’s information in their control and secured in one place”

– Sanjiv Das, past CEO of Caliber Loans, CitiBank Mortgage

Why we invented Aster Key

JPMorgan Chase

Lenders can't safeguard your information.

Lenders, finance apps, and credit agencies pass your data around like a hot potato creating hundreds of points of failure. No one can tell you all the places your data is sent or sold.

Lenders store your personal information commingled with your financial data on their servers. This makes it easy for hackers to commit fraud and identity theft once they break into a system.

CBS News

Stop exposing your personal and financial data.

Aster Key puts you in control of YOUR DATA. Our patented system masks your identity, which is encrypted and stored separately from your financial data!  Your data is verified and stored on your mobile phone. Not servers. Even Aster Key does not have access to your data.

Now that you are in control of your data, you can safely generate a financial statement or proof of funds letter. You can also apply for a loan with mainstream lenders integrated with Aster Key.

How it works?

It’s fast and easy to start using Aster Key

Create an account and generate your financial profile

Your anonymous financial profile is the foundation to access Aster Key features and services. Once you get your data in Aster Key, it updates for life saving you time and keeping your data safe.


Apply for a loan

Forward-thinking lenders let you start your loan from your anonymous Aster key app. We make mortgage lending faster, safer and more efficient.


Next! Stay anonymous through more of the lending process

Imagine getting anonymously approved for a loan based only on your financials. The entire process controlled by you. Stick with us – we are reimagining lending so it is fast, fair, secure, and since you maintain your own data – cheaper!


Aster Key remakes lending to everyone’s advantage

Everyone Wins



  • Apply in anonymous mode for financing
  • Faster approvals
  • Control who can see your data
  • Access to a dashboard to assess your financial health


  • Better consumer experience
  • Less online drop-off – consumers feel secure sharing financial details
  • Trust, security, and privacy become your competitive advantage
  • Reduce risks and costs of being hacked
  • Exceed privacy and security regulations


  • Stops digital exploitation of consumer
  • Puts consumers in control of their data
  • Stops companies from using consumer data as their product
  • Stops access to financial data without consent and compensation to the consumer

“Colonial Mortgage thrives on trust earned with our customers. Aster Key’s mission to safeguard borrower data is why we are an early adopter”

Joseph Splendido, CEO

Congrats on the launch! Really like that you can use this to apply for a loan without any privacy loss (huge).

David J. Kim

Congratulations @bradblumberg and team on this exciting launch! Tested Aster Key, loving the app design and user interface. Thrilled for the important innovations this brings to fintech 🎯📈🚀

Farooq (SF Ali) Zafar

Congrats on the launch! Really like the focus on privacy (reminds me of Brave vs Chrome, Duckduckgo vs Google, etc.). Do you have a personal story on the importance of safety in financial statements?

Daniyal Anjum

Happy to see that you’ve done some research, and thus the final product thoughtfully aims to bridge the security and anonymity gap. Thanks for going deep and taking care about people’s needs 😉

Helen Fedulova

Amazing product. It really helps with my finances. Especially appreciate the great security!

O. Treyger

The app has been a big help to me and my family figuring out our finances. In addition to being able to view our debt-to-income ratio and net worth in one app…


Simple and easy to use. The app is very easy to start using. Everything is organized and simple to upload.


Fantastic tool!!! One of the best and only tool in the market that makes you as the owner of your data and you control instead of traditional lenders taking advantage of it.


Finally!! Secure Financial Tracking. This app is great for understanding my finances. I can finally track my financial statement and net worth from my mobile device. Better still, it’s secure!


Excellent Financial Overview. Can see all my up-to-date finances in one screen. Easy to add and navigate through screens. Can export data for use with loans.


Streamlines/Consolidates Visibility of Finances. Intuitive and individualized. Setup is easy and well worth the effort. Level up the management of your finances – you’re welcome.

Fra Fremgangen

Everyone needs this app! I love the security and anonymity that this provides. 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Wow! Great way to send out a financial statement. Easy to use and great security.