Become a lender consumers trust

Empowering consumers is the future of lending

Attract borrowers with these

  • 100 million self-directed individuals who already manage their finances
  • 200 million victims of fraud and identity theft seeking better solutions
  • 50 million blockchain enthusiasts who value privacy and data security
  • Well-off borrowers who know they will be approved and bristle at redundant data requests

By adding Aster Key’s “start your loan anonymously” technology to your loan application and landing pages, consumers have an alternative path to becoming lender-ready in a secure and safe environment.

Lender Sign Up

Allow borrowers to start their mortgage anonymously. This reduces application drop-off and creates trust between lender and borrower.


30-day free trial and no set-up fees. No long-term contracts, month-to-month.

$20/mo base + $4/mo per active user

No charge for inactive users who do not open their app in that month!

Active users link their financial profiles to you
This includes:
  • inclusion as a preferred lender in the Aster Key app in the iTunes and Google Play stores
  • an out-of-the-box start your loan anonymously lending channel, with graphics and links for your website and landing pages
  • empower users to get lender-ready on their terms with self-service asset, debt, and income verification
  • encrypted MISMO 3.4 file for each anonymous user when they apply, with a plain text summary
  • enhanced and patented data security and privacy to protect both consumers and lenders
  • monthly reporting on anonymous consumers linked to you
  • anonymous email communication between lenders and consumers
  • launch and marketing support for your team
  • partner tools for Realtors, such as automated Proof of Funds letters
  • direct integration with your Encompass LOS instance  (coming soon, add’l connect fee)