Generate a verified Proof Of Funds letter

Sellers and their Realtors want to know:
1.  You have money for the downpayment and closing costs
2. You are who you say you are



Buying a home is a negotiation, so don’t show all your assets, just enough to cover the downpayment and closing costs.

If you complete your financial statement in Aster Key it will update automatically for the rest of your life, so you can print a Proof of Funds letter anytime.

How it works:

Aster Key has re-invented the Proof of Funds letter

Today, consumers fax, take photos or email bank statements to real estate agents or lenders to show Proof of Funds. Not only is that cumbersome, it’s not secure.

Use Aster Key for a unique and superior experience:

  • Once you verify your cash and marketable securities within Aster Key, you can generate a Proof of Funds letter anytime you want.
  • We verify your identity to prevent fraud. You only have to do this once.